Bringing the best of the world's technologies, equipment and products to Sri Lanka's doorstep,

setting up the stage for Sri Lanka to trade in a global market, Share Global Inc envisions to establish strategic partnerships that will help budding businesses to flourish and established ventures to expand their horizons.


Connected with some of the flourishing industries, entrepreneurs, manufactures and traders in the international market, Share Global has the resources required to make connections that will revolutionize the world of business. Forefront in the international market audience and having exposure to innovative technology, services and solutions, Share Global aims to introduce the latest products and services available globally.

Share Global Inc is a subsidiary under the wing of Susila Holdings, a renowned company whose production arm has executed some of the well-known award-winning television productions in Sri Lanka. Today Susila Holdings has expanded its horizons to a vast spectrum of fields, including innovative technology, IT, training, marketing, real estate, healthcare and welfare.

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