Susila Production

Susila productions (Pvt) ltd

The entertainment industry is a fast growing business in the country with the number of television channels increasing by the day. Susila Productions started the business of producing television series only a little while after the introduction of television to the Island. Today, we have set our mission covering a vast range of television and video productions to achieve our vision of being the most innovative and creative entertainment provider. Susila Productions (Pvt) Ltd is an award winning television & video production company, which provides a full production service from initial concept to early development (which includes scripting and pre-production), through to its final shoot. Susila Productions also provides a full post-production service from edit suites, editors, dubbing editors, to broadcast, duplication and delivery. In addition to conceptualization and scripting work, we are also accustomed to working with creative/ advertising agencies/ foreign producers/ television channels (local & foreign) on productions such as TV commercials, documentaries and National TV campaigns for which costs and directors’ treatments to even existing creations can be provided.


Our founder, Ms Sandya Mendis, ventured into teledrama production when television was relatively a new medium in Sri Lanka. Together with Bandula Weerackody of Telestar, a video production company, our first production, Yashoraawaya is a trail-blazer in the genre of mega-episode television dramas. Since inception, we have produced close to fifty television dramas, most of which have won awards and commendations. One of our productions, Doo daruwo, a timeless classic that holds the record for the highest viewer rating of 96 per cent for any television program broadcasted in Sri Lanka, has won multiple awards and accolades, including the State-nominated Swarna Padma Award in 1994.


Founded in 1984 as a sole proprietorship and incorporated in 1995 as a limited liability company, we are an award-winning, full-service production house and have produced some of the most endearing television drama classics of our time, such as Yashoraawaya (echo of glory), Doo daruwo (the offspring), Nedeyo (relatives) and Sathpura wasiyo (inhabitants of a noble city).


As a Company whose television dramas have touched millions of Sri Lankans, we put conscientiousness before profits. Our emphasis to portray the triumph of morality over immorality in all of our creations is legendary in an industry that is known for producing glittery, out-of-context melodramas.